Natural Disasters

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18 Common Hurricane Myths and Mistakes that Get People Killed
In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we saw a lot of video clips from people who, while we won’t call[...]
10 Things About Hurricane Preparedness they Forgot to Warn You About
By now most people who live in hurricane zones know that they need to have a supply of emergency water[...]
How to Survive a Hurricane
After Hurricane Katrina took over 1,800 lives and left a trail of devastation, you’d think that people would have learned[...]


How to Survive and Prepare for an Earthquake
One of the biggest threats we have facing us today are earthquakes.  It isn’t just the “Big One” in California[...]
The Earthquake Preparedness Kit Everyone in Fault Zones Should Have
In 2015, the small country of Nepal was hit by not just one earthquake, but TWO earthquakes. More than 9,000[...]


How to Prepare for and Survive a Flood
The recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma are making people aware of the importance of flood preparedness. While Harvey and Irma[...]
How to Survive Flash Flooding
In May this year, 31 people died during flash flooding in Texas and Oklahoma. In September, 16 were killed in[...]


Winter: Your Car Survival Kit
You don’t need to have a 6-month supply of emergency food and water to be prepared for disasters (though that[...]

Other Disaster

How to Survive a Plane Crash: 3 Tips Which Can Save Your Life
You’ve probably heard that there is a much greater chance of dying in a car crash than a plane crash.[...]
How to Survive a Mass Shooting
Unfortunately, mass shootings have become a common occurrence in our society.  But this post isn’t meant to be a commentary[...]

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