Survival Knives

Everything you need to know about survival knives. Have a browse to find out how to choose the best knife for you and how to care for it. Reviews and buyers guides included.

Getting Started

How to Select the Perfect Survival Knife
The knife was man’s first tool and we’ve been using knife-like tools for over 2.5 million years. It was knives[...]

Knife Reviews

Gerber LMF II Review
I’m picky about everything, from the chilis on my meal to the feel of the cuff of my sleeve, but[...]
Buck 120 Knife Review
Buck is one of the most well-known and respected brands of hunting survival knives.  They are best known for their[...]
10 Buck Folding Knives that Will Make Every Hunter Drool
No hunter or survivalist would be equipped without a good knife. And, when it comes to knives, Buck folding knives[...]
Should You Have a Neck Knife?
One of the trendiest new-ish items in the survivalist community is the neck knife.  Small and lightweight, these knives are[...]
10 Best Survival Knives On A Budget
The single most important piece of survival gear is arguably your survival knife.Aside from the obvious uses of a survival[...]

Knife Care

How to Clean a Pocket Knife or Multi-Tool Like a Pro
Your knife or multi-tool is a critical part of your everyday carry.  You love it.  You cherish it.  And maybe[...]
Dull Survival Knife? Sharpen It with this Little-Known Method
When it comes to survival tactics and gear, there is little that survivalists can agree on. But there is one[...]

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