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13 Things You’ll Only Understand if You Are a Prepper

Preppers have grown from an isolated few to a huge movement of people who care about self-reliance, self-responsibility, and taking action to ensure the safety of themselves and their families.

Are you a prepper? If you understand these things, then you can safely say Yes!

1. Relating when you heard that Ted Cruz bought 100 cans of soup after his honeymoon.

While the media was bashing him for being crazy, you were thinking, “That seems like a great honeymoon present!”

2. Never having enough storage space.

messy shelves with prepping supplies

Once the pantry space runs out, it is only a matter of time before all those bags of grains, instant meals, canned goods, and paper products make their way into the garage, basement, and bedrooms!

3. Wondering whether your kid should get the KA-BAR 1258 or Ontario RAT-3 knife for her 9th birthday.

While other parents are locking up their knives, you’re making sure your kid knows how to use one!

4. Wishing you could afford an underground bunker, but being happy with your bug out location instead.

underground bunker

You only need $17.5 million to buy this underground bunker.  Hmmm… maybe I’ll invest in that off-grid cabin for my bug out location instead. 😉

5. Taking your kids’ fort building really seriously.

(Or using your kids as an excuse when your neighbors ask why a grown man is building a snow cave in his backyard)

6. Admiring your grandparents’ generation for their self-reliance.

grandparents with grand children

These are just some of the forgotten survival skills of our grandparents that you may be working on.

7. Getting pissed at the government for making rainwater collection illegal.

Yes, rainwater harvesting really is illegal in some states. I guess I’ll just have to put those rainwater barrels underground…

8. Packing and repacking your Bug Out Bag a zillion times.

The Bug Out Bag packing list has got to be perfect!!! Ahhh!!!!

9. That you can never have enough water.

FEMA recommends a 3-day supply? Screw that.  I’m going for at least a 30-day supply!

10. Or enough toilet paper.


11. Having to set a shopping limit of $10 per week at the Dollar Store because you once spent a fortune buying up all of their band-aids, gauze, and medical supplies.


12. Getting really excited about wood burning stoves.

You are almost wishing for a power outage so you can test it out!

13. Not minding when the power goes out.

emergency oil lamp

Candles? Headlamps? Hobo stove? Yep, you are ready.  You might even let the neighbors come over so they don’t freeze to death! 😉

13. How good self-reliance feels.

This is the big one.

When you are a prepper, you understand how good it feels to be reliant on yourself.  Should a disaster hit, you won’t be waiting around for FEMA or the Red Cross to rescue you.  You’ve got supplies, a plan, and the mental toughness to pull it off.

And, after all, shouldn’t we all be working on self-reliance?

What other things will only preppers understand?

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