Gerber Folding Shovel Review: You’ll Dig It

Gerber folding spade in soil

Floating somewhere between “awesome and perfect” and “impractical and insubstantial” lies the Gerber E-Tool. In the word of collapsible shovels, it’s the best I’ve ever used, but that comes with a few frustrations we’ll go over below in this review. Gerber E-Tool Convenient, Sturdy, and Lightweight Those are hallmark traits of just about any tool, … Read more

Spyderco vs Benchmade: Battle of the Blades

Benchmade knives

In the world of knives Spyderco and Benchmade are familiar to knife connoisseurs, recognized for their fine grade of craftsmanship and the variety of tools they offer. But is one of the two a cut above the other, or are they evenly matched in quality? Read our comparison below to see if one of these … Read more

Best Fireproof Document Bag: Protect Your Precious Belongings.

House Fire

A fire is capable of wiping out everything you own without a hope for restoration. Whether it’s at home, in your vehicle, or at work, a single spark can destroy it all. While it’s impossible to fireproof everything, you can fireproof some of your most important documents and files by storing them in a fireproof … Read more

10 Edible Weeds: DIY Survival Salad

Dandelions in field

People call them weeds, but I call them dinner. Whether it’s your only option for a meal or you’re simply trying something different, this collection of edible weeds offers a readily available, reliable, consistent, and nutritious source of food. Let’s get into it. Before You Pick and Eat Common sense dictates that you should never … Read more

Going Clubbin: 18 Ferocious Fighting Sticks

fighting stick evolution

Fighting sticks are found worldwide in every culture, past and present. From a caveman with a club to a Shaolin monk with a bo staff to a police officer and their tonfa, fighting sticks are here to stay. For such a simple weapon, humans have found a staggering amount of ways to specialize something that … Read more