Best Fireproof Document Bag: Protect Your Precious Belongings.

House Fire

A fire is capable of wiping out everything you own without a hope for restoration. Whether it’s at home, in your vehicle, or at work, a single spark can destroy it all. While it’s impossible to fireproof everything, you can fireproof some of your most important documents and files by storing them in a fireproof … Read more

10 Edible Weeds: DIY Survival Salad

Dandelions in field

People call them weeds, but I call them dinner. Whether it’s your only option for a meal or you’re simply trying something different, this collection of edible weeds offers a readily available, reliable, consistent, and nutritious source of food. Let’s get into it. Before You Pick and Eat Common sense dictates that you should never … Read more

Going Clubbin: 18 Ferocious Fighting Sticks

fighting stick evolution

Fighting sticks are found worldwide in every culture, past and present. From a caveman with a club to a Shaolin monk with a bo staff to a police officer and their tonfa, fighting sticks are here to stay. For such a simple weapon, humans have found a staggering amount of ways to specialize something that … Read more

The Humble Crabapple: A Surprisingly Useful And Versatile Tree

Crab apple windfall under tree

Crabapple trees and I go way back. They littered the property where I grew up, and eating way too many of those hard, sour fruits was a bizarre pastime. Spotting them during a hike is always a fun discovery, especially when you know how useful they can be with the right understanding. As an outdoorsman, … Read more

10 High Calorie Delicious And Nutritious Vegetables

Assorted types of root vegetables

Vegetables aren’t often associated with a high-calorie food, but there are some noteworthy exceptions. These calorie-rich examples are exceptionally valuable as an emergency food source. And if you’re vegetarian but trying to put on some weight and mass, these calorie-dense veggies can provide you the gains you are seeking. 10 Calorie Rich Vegetables Before we … Read more