A Beginners Guide to the Best Batteries for Disaster Preparedness

batteries emergency preparedness

When it comes to preparing for disasters like power outages, batteries are one of the most important items to stockpile.  But it isn’t as simple as getting a bunch of batteries and throwing them in a drawer. There are lots of types of batteries, and not all are suitable for long-term storage. They can go … Read more

How to Store Batteries So They Last for Years

how to store batteries long term

Battery technology has come a long way in recent years.  Some types of batteries can last for up to 20 years. But there’s a catch: The batteries have to be stored properly or risk losing their charge, getting shorted, or having capacity permanently diminished. This guide goes over everything you need to know about storing … Read more

Freeze Drying Food at Home: How It Works and Is It Worth the Cost?

Freeze Dried Strawberries

Whether you are stockpiling food for emergencies or want backpacking meals, freeze dried food is almost always the best way to go.  Freeze-dried foods are lightweight, can last decades, are easy to rehydrate, and actually taste good.

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Disaster Prepping in a Tiny Apartment: 17 Actionable Tips for Small Spaces

prepping in a tiny apartment

You want to stockpile water, food, and other disaster preparedness supplies, but you live in a tiny apartment and aren’t sure where you will put all that stuff? I hear you.  I currently live in a very small apartment. How small? When I watch episodes of Tiny Homes, I say, “That’s actually pretty big.”  My … Read more

The Best Survival Water Filter – And How to Make the Right Choice

When it comes to backcountry survival and bug out bags, one of the most confusing things is choosing a survival water filter. Read our in-depth guide to help you make the right choice.