The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle Guide (With Checklist)

Bug Out Vehicle Checklist

Like most of my peers, I don’t plan on sticking around if SHTF.  As much as I love my home, I plan on getting out of dodge as quickly as possible.  To make this happen, I have:

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How to Store Dry Yeast For The Long Term

how to store yeast

The instant and active dry yeast you use for baking is actually a living microorganism (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). This organism is very sensitive and can die if kept in the wrong storage conditions. Dead yeast won’t work so it’s important that you store yeast in a way which keeps it alive. Shelf Life of Yeast Fresh … Read more

How to Store Baking Soda Long Term

how to store baking soda long term

Baking soda is one of those products which has so many uses that you’ll want to store a lot of it to have on hand for everyday use and emergency prep. Baking soda can last for many years but it’s really important that you store baking soda properly.

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How to Store Honey So It Lasts Forever

how to store honey long term

Bees spend all summer gathering nectar so they can make honey to eat through the winter. In this sense, honey was designed to be stored. This makes it one of the best emergency foods to store and, if stored properly, honey can last for thousands of years. Does Honey Really Last Forever? Yes, honey really … Read more

The Best Gravity Water Filters for Hunkering Down and Bugging Out

Glass of water outside

While I’m a big fan of squeeze and pump type water filters, manually filtering water for a large group of people is a tedious, time-consuming task. It’s much better to let gravity do the work for you. But, because gravity filters are prone to clogging and bursting, it’s imperative that you get a really good … Read more