Flour and Rice Bugs: How to Prevent & Get Rid of Pests in Your Food Stockpile

moths weevils long term food storage

Want to stockpile flour, rice, dehydrated fruit, or other dry goods?  If you don’t take precautions, you will end up with an insect infestation.  Speaking from experience, these moths and weevils (aka rice and flour bugs) can literally take over your entire home. It’s a lot easier to prevent pantry pests than deal with an … Read more

Free Prepping: 25 Completely Free Supplies, Resources, Things You Can Do to Get Prepared

free rainwater barrels

It annoys me that so much of disaster preparedness is about stockpiling stuff – storing extra food, getting expensive wood stoves, buying sub-zero sleeping bags… Not all of us are in an economic position to spend a fortune on disaster prepping, and the incorrect notion that prepping has to be expensive prevents a lot of … Read more

Activated Charcoal for Stomach Bugs: Dosage, Instructions, and Advice

activated charcoal

I travel a lot, including to undeveloped counties where there’s a high risk of food poisoning, diarrhea and stomach bugs. One thing that I always have in my travel first aid kit (as well as my at-home first aid kit) is activated charcoal. What is Activated Charcoal? Also known as activated carbon, activated charcoal is … Read more

Activated Charcoal vs Charcoal: What Are The Differences?

charcoal vs. activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of the most useful products to have around your home “just in case.” It especially has a lot of first aid uses, such as for treating stomach bugs and poisoning. It can even be used to make a DIY water filter or face mask for removing chemicals.  But, before you grab … Read more

The 9 Types of Lighters Explained

types of lighters explained

When I was a kid, “lighter” meant a Zippo or disposable Bic lighter.  Now, there are many types of lighters, including types with multiple flames, electric ignition, and different fuels. Here’s what you need to know about types of lighters, pros and cons, and what the best lighter is for your needs. What Makes One … Read more